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Rolex Oyster 3372 Calibre 620

Case ring is badly damaged.

I happen to have a spare micro regulator spring and screw.

Broken setting lever spring.

New setting lever spring

I put the movement together and there is to much power on the mainspring so it starts to bank.

I take the mainspring out again and apply extra weak braking grease.

Watch still gains a lot of time, so I fit 4 new balance washers opposite end of each other.

I also fitted the correct screw for the hairspring boot holder

The automatic mainspring now slips earlier reducing the amount of power when fully wound

The movement also has a micro regulator again.

The two lower screws where used to hold the auto winder bridge. One is wrong the other badly damaged. I find two new screws with the correct thread.

I shorten the new screws to match the length of the original.

Finished result.

I also fit a second osculating weight screw securing screw.